Rajasthan farmers sit neck-deep to protest land deal
Photo Credit: Protest organizers via Al Jazeera

Rajasthan farmers sit neck-deep to protest land deal

Hundreds of farmers in Indian state of Rajasthan have been protesting against the government's plan to acquire their land, with scores of them digging up holes and burying themselves as part of the protest. Farmers have been holding sit-in at Nindar village, about 20km from Jaipur, the state capital, for the past two weeks but adopted the unique method of protest on Monday - the birth anniversary of India’s independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Nagender Shekawat, the leader of the protest, told Al Jazeera that "nearly 5,000 families, including farmers, are going to be affected by the acquisition."

He added that the protesters are occupying the land for the past 18 days. "Farmers have been protesting since the land acquisition notice was issued in 2010. They do not want to give up their land as they use it for agriculture and animals," he said. "Government wants to destroy their source of income. We oppose the government move."

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