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We aim for news stories on this site to give readers insight into the internal and external dynamics of civil resistance movements and campaigns. These movements and campaigns involve citizen participation and use tactics such as strikes, boycotts, demonstrations, civil disobedience, the establishment of alternative institutions, and many other nonviolent actions to achieve their goals. Rarely will a single story provide a three-dimensional view of a particular movement or campaign — rather, stories achieve this when read and monitored regularly over time.

Although there is no formula, the articles featured on this site generally:

  • Document the use of nonviolent tactics in struggles for justice, human rights and democracy.

  • Contain global historical value and country-specific knowledge.

  • Offer explanatory value about civil resistance as a whole or a civil resistance movement in particular.

  • Contain analysis of strategic and contextual dynamics in a country or region.

  • Explain how a movement unifies and/or mobilizes people.

  • Examine external or international factors affecting the success or failure of a movement.

  • Document regime behavior that influences movements’ strategies.

  • Provide analysis on a significant policy or highlight new major academic studies related to civil resistance and nonviolent movements

  • Do not focus on one-off protests unless, the article features novel tactics or the action takes place in an environment where the action is difficult and unlikely.

  • Examine what triggers or causes change and the people achieving that change.

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