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About NVCNews


Nonviolent Conflict News (NVCNews) compiles news coverage of civil resistance around the world — focusing on trends, ideas, and the actions of movements and campaigns nonviolently struggling against oppression, dictatorship, and the denial of rights. Interest in civil resistance has increased dramatically over the last decade, and yet there is no single source of news that covers this phenomenon globally. NVCNews aims to be this source.

The site consists of news stories that have already been published in a wide range of independent and mass media outlets in which objective information can be found. Each story is accompanied by a summary drawn from articles' original text, prepared and edited by the site editors, that highlights the story's relevance to the dynamics of civil resistance, to a specific movement or campaign, or to the larger context of such events.

In addition to being a significant resource on civil resistance campaigns and movements taking place around the world, NVCNews can also serve as an educational resource for researchers and students; an informational resource for practitioners to learn from struggles going on around the world; and a practical resource for journalists, bloggers and other writers to provide incisive coverage of civil resistance.

To further these aims, we will soon issue:

  • A guide for educators to incorporate NVCNews into their curriculum.
  • A codebook of tags (or civil resistance terms) used on this site. The codebook will be a holistic glossary and convention of applying terms of civil resistance in journalistic, academic and everyday language.

We are also looking into the ability to preserve articles in a searchable archive in the event that links become broken, and to augment the research value of the site.

NVCNews is a program of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), and is co-managed by Jack DuVall, ICNC Senior Counselor and Founding Director; Amber French, Manager of Editorial Initiatives; and Hailey Grace Steele, Editorial and Communications Intern.